July 4th, 2004

Clarion, Day 29

Happy 4th!

Andy Duncan left today, and Kelly Link and Gavin Grant arrived, but I haven't done more than say hello to them yet. They caught me shirtless in my room, eek. 4th of July barbecue at Lister's. Was good. We taught Grace, who is from Australia, how to make smores. She wasn't impressed. I think Njihia was slightly more impressed, but still not especially.

Lots of butt-in-chair time today. Finished my current story, tentatively titled 'Moving the Sun'. Total 7200 words, woof. Longest story I've written at Clarion so far. Wordcount in the past 24 hours: 1900 words. Ouch. Last half is still fairly first-drafty, but I really want to get it in tomorrow for crits Tuesday. Plan is to sleep on it tonight, review it in the morning before crit circle, make last minute revisions, and print it out.

Now I go to do my crits for tomorrow.

Temp: 80.4. Humidity: 63%. Fan: on. Shirt: off. Stuff going on outside: intermittent rain.
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