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Clarion, Day 42: Conference with Kelly Link

Had my conference with Kelly Link on Monday.

She talked a good deal about the stories I'd written here; she's read them all. One of them she offered to buy for LCRW outright, but also seemed to think I should shop it around to professional markets first, including non-genre markets. She mentioned 3rd Bed, a publication I had been unaware of, as well as McSweeney's, New Yorker, Penthouse (is Penthouse the new Playboy for sophisticado genre fiction with a soupçon of sex?). She also generally likes Polyphony and Alchemy as outlets for fiction.

Reading suggestions:
George Saunders
Robert Reed
William Browning Spencer, Resume with Monsters
Stacey Richter, My Date with Satan
Jane Hamilton, Disobedience: A Novel
Anne Pratchett, Bel Canto
M.T. Anderson, Thirsty (The author is associated with 3rd Bed, mentioned above
Holly Black, Tithe : A Modern Faerie Tale

She offered to introduce me to a writers' group near Philly. (!)

She gave me two books. (Kelly is noted for giving out books to students at her Clarion conferences). For me, it was David Quammen's The Flight of the Iguana and Barry Hughart's Bridge of Birds Thanks, Kelly!

Final, no shit, really truly the last teaching session right now, with Kelly and Gavin, on small presses and publishing, must go, more later.

7/22/04: Update/correction. Kelly Link informs me that she was recommending Tin House magazine, not Penthouse. Oops. Slip of the ear on my part.

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