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Clarion, Day 40: In which we watch zombie movies and have adventures in the kitchen

Lunch was excellent, left-over coq au vin over toast, to soak up the scrumptious au vin. I cooked dinner for the crew last night, from this recipe for coq au vin. Also made carrot cake, for the second time, and both were well-received.

While cooking dinner, something exciting happened.

V frg gur fgbir ba sver.

Jr'er abg fhccbfrq gb or hfvat gur fgbir, nf cneg bs bhe nterrzrag jvgu gur fbebevgl jubfr ubhfr jr'er fgnlvat va. Ohg vg'f orra uryy qbvat nyy bhe pbbxvat ba gur tevyy bhgfvqr be gur gbnfgre bira. Fb va zvq-jrrx 5, nf cneg bs Wrss naq Xryyl'f rssbeg gb pher bhe znynvfr, ohea-bhg, rkunhfgvba naq ovggrearff, gurl gbyq hf jr pbhyq hfr gur fgbir.

Fb. Cneg bs znxvat gur pbd nh iva vf gb qbhfr jvgu pbatnp naq synzr. V qvq fb. Gur synzrf vtavgrq bar bs gur ternfl ubbq svygref, naq yb, jr unq n fgbir sver. "Bu, fuvg," Avxxv fnvq, "gur fgbir'f ba sver." Tbfu, fur'f n cebsrffvbany pbbx, V gubhtug fur'q xabj jung gb qb. "Trg gur sver rkgvathvfuref," fur fnvq. Fb crbcyr jrag ehaavat sbe gur sver rkgvathvfuref. V jbaqrerq ubj ybat vg jbhyq gnxr gur sver gb fcernq sebz gur fgbir gb gur erfg bs gur ohvyqvat. Crbcyr sebz gur cngvb fgernzrq va, orpnhfr gurl unq abgvprq oynpx fzbxvat cbhevat sebz gur irag. Avxxv fnvq gb fuhg gur ubbq rkunhfg bss, orpnhfr vg jnf snaavat gur synzrf, bs pbhefr, fb jr qvq. V jbaqrerq ubj ybat vg jbhyq or orsber gur sbnz sver rkgvathvfure phg ba. Svyyvat gur xvgpura hc jvgu sbnz vf hapbby.

Ohg fb vf frggvat gur ohvyqvat ba sver. Ybbx, vs gung unccrarq, ab bayl jbhyq gur fbebevgl arire yrg hf hfr gur ohvyqvat ntnva -- juvpu jnf tbvat gb unccra naljnl -- ohg vg'f yvxryl AB BAR jbhyq yrg hf hfr NAL ohvyqvat ntnva, naljurer. Artbgvngvbaf gb gnxr Pynevba gb FHAL jbhyq snyy guebhtu, orphnfr jub jnagf n cebtenz gung abg bayl oernxf gurve pbagenpgf, OHG FRGF OHVYQVATF BA SVER?!?!

Fvatyrunaqrqyl, V unq qbbzrq Pynevba. Whfg ol synzvat. gur. shpxvat. pbd. nh. iva.

Fb, guvf jnf jung jnf tbvat guebhtu zl zvaq.

V jnf gelvat gb trg gur synzvat ubbq svygre bhg bs gur ubbq, gb guebj vg vagb gur fvax, jura vg jrag bhg ol vgfrys. Naq gung jnf gung. Ab zber sver. "V arrq n fzbxr," Avxxv fnvq, naq ehfurq bhg. Ng guvf cbvag sbhe crbcyr ehfurq va jvgu sver rkgvathvfuref, naq V gbyq gurz gb tb njnl, gunaxf ohg vg'f nyy bire, abguvat gb frr urer, sbyxf. V frnerq gur arkg ongpu bs puvpxra, ohg synzrq vg jryy njnl sebz gur ubbq.

A classic Clarion experience.

Bu, lrnu, jr'er oernxvat bhe pbagenpg va bgure jnlf, gbb. Yvxr, 'ab nypbuby'. Uru. Uru.^2 Fb sne, ab bar unf ebyyre fxngrq va gur ubhfr, gubhtu. Znlor jr pna znantr gb qb gung orsber jr yrnir.

Last night many of us watched Dead Alive, the canonical zombie movie. Remarkable. Stomach-turning. Several people had to leave in the middle. Two word's: Chekhov's lawnmower.

Post too long. More later.

5:05 pm: if you want to share this with someone, please do so by private email, not in the comments.
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Is this an in-joke? Or an LJ bug? I don't get it...

Don't you realize that some of us have to break the substitution code you've used and won't be satisfied until they have?!


So much for writing this afternoon. And it's all your fault.

(Oh. And if this is not a code, just garbled, you are going to be so in trouble.)
yeah send it to me when you crack it, for i am too lazy.
Can I redeem the translation for word count?
alas, what leverage you might have had is gone.

too slow, missy


16 years ago

Tita, E cad so cduja uh vena yht E's cdemm lmayhehk ib dra aqdehkiecran buftan.
The nun, the typewriter, and the cannibal, in that order.

And eight times, if you count Richard Burton twice.
Ed'c Al Bhed.
cbaygehk uv vmysehk tungc! :-D


16 years ago

I *warned* them not to shave the weasel.
Yah, that stuff gets everywhere, doesn't it?
I really should move my fridge to get the last of it, but I'm afraid of what I'll find back there.
Frr, V whfg qba'g haqrefgnaq. Qba'g crbcyr xabj gurl'er fhccbfrq gb YRNIR gur ohvyqvat va n sver, abg "fgernz va?" :-Q
You are such a flaming dork.