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Clarion, Day 37

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Jeffrey Ford from crit circle this morning: "A story about a specific death is a story about a specific life." I.e., if you kill off a character, we must know how their life connected to their death, or we won't care about them, and their death won't mean anything.

Both Jeff and Kelly Link are also adamant (Jeff more vocally, but I think Kelly feels the same way) that the writer should write the damn story, and let the reader find the meaning in it. Don't beat the reader over the head with your meaning.

One of the stories we critted this morning was Kelly's. OMGWTF. Working title, "Some Zombie Contingency Plans." Very cool and creepy story, unmistakably Kelly Link, and that's all I'm going to say about it. It will see publication some day, after a couple of more revisions. This was about draft 2.

No post yesterday, but not much happened. I did about 1900 words on my current wip, working title, "Lives of the Saints." I hope to have in the mss. box by tomorrow morning, so it can go up for crits by Wednesday, before the final rush. Watched most of Underworld with the gang. This movie is all about Kate Beckinsale in full-body PVC. Oh, yeah, and werewolves with AK-47's. And vampires.

Now I go write.
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Way cool - is she really truly writing a zombie short story ::he he:: I have been reading all the flap about the year of the living dead - apparently some of the magazines are getting swamped by zombies - or have been - so much so several of the editors have a 'no zombie' policy. I must confess the whole thing made me giggle and want to write a zombie story - just cause.

I wonder where fads come from...
She also has a fun zombie/ghost story in The Dark called "The Hortlak"
(It was also picked up for the YB Fantasy and Horror.)