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Clarion, Day 34: In which our slide into actual polymorphous perversity accelerates

1. Our 900 word stories were read aloud in crit circle today. Not much per-story feedback, although we discussed the process a little, afterward. Jeff suggests that if you're blocked on a story, one technique is to try to write it as a short-short. When you've done that, then decide whether you want to keep it that way. Even if you don't you may have gained insight into a story that will help you when you write it to its proper size. There was some more discussion of the nature of the paragraph, and how it is critical to get paragraph breaks right. The end of a paragraph is a power position: what goes there has high impact on the reader.

Some other emphasis by Jeff and Kelly that beginning writers tend to tell too much, because they're afraid the reader won't get it. Let your readers do some of the work. They're smarter than you think. Kelly says that not nailing down the meaning of your story is helpful in expanding your potential pool of readers: different readers may get different things out of the story, including things the writer may not have intended. That's okay.

Hm. I'm getting echoes of the 'texts have no fixed meaning' stuff here.

My own 900 word story? I don't like it. It feels stale, both in the situation and the sciffy element. I probably should have done something else.

2. I am but an egg.

3. There is a party tonight. Nikki is organizing it. There will be mandatory crossdressing.
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And pictures...

And hey, weren't you going to post pics of you in Hawaiian Shirt Mode?

Hmph. Every time i've tried to make my readers do work, no one got it. It's a fine line to walk.